What is SPOTIFY TAP? How to set it up?

hello everyone so i'm just exploring what is spotify tap so the thing is like for example if you're using headphones you connect them to bluetooth and then you need to open up again on your phone and tap spotify app and press play but spotify is now introducing spotify tab the simplest way to jump back in where you left off or got served something new and fresh based on your personal taste so it allows you to launch your next listening session with the tap of the button um so yeah so yeah the idea is that you just have your specific pair of headphones and you can just tap with your finger on headphones and when you tap the sound will start playing if you're not feeling good about it you can just tap again there you have it so to start using it you need to download those companion afro headphones open the companion app and set spotify as a soft button service and save and then so you it works with microsoft surface airpods jabra uh boss noise canceling has phones all that it doesn't work with uh apple airpods airport max or something like that so it's not there yet [Music] on some models you do need to configure spotify so uh and others it just works right out the box so that's that it's interesting uh solution so if you use that just leave some comments below are you liking it uh yeah how you set it up do you enjoy it or are you using it or it's just like yeah it's not useful at all so anyways just leave your comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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