What is Spotify Zodiac Affinity app?

hello so here is uh spotify uh zodiac affinity and i'm just reading here to some article on some blog so this is an external service that has been around for some time that lets you see 5 of your liked songs based on the chosen star sign there is no explanation why the chosen songs work for each sign so don't expect any mystery to be cleared up just enjoy the wacky data gathering of your favorite songs and this service was created by external developers so users have been sharing social media their uh big three this refers to your three star signs your sun your moon and your sending for each of these three stars the dark affinity will reveal the five most relevant songs from your library so to use that service uh you just need to go the directfinity.tag log on with uh with your account with your spotify account and select your zodiac sign yeah so this is how it works [Music] and then you can select the sign here i don't know how to select other three but yeah that's what it is um so yep that's the idea i don't know then how to share it or how to click it anyhow hope this is helpful

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