What is StandBy on iOS 17? How to use?

With every new iOS update, Apple never ceases to surprise its users with a range of new features. iOS 15 was no different. One such feature that got a lot of attention was "StandBy," which has left many users wondering what it is and how it can be used.

So, what exactly is StandBy mode? It is a feature that lets your iPhone display information and updates even when it is locked. This feature is particularly useful when your phone is charging, as it converts your device into a smart screen that can show a clock, photo frame, or any other information.

This new iOS 17 feature has been well-received by users, and it is considered to be one of the most popular features. The StandBy feature can be enabled by accessing the settings and then the new StandBy tab. However, it is important to note that StandBy is enabled by default, so there is no need to specifically enable it.

Although StandBy is enabled by default, some settings can be controlled to enhance its functionality. For instance, StandBy comes with an "Always On" display setting that is also enabled by default. This setting ensures that the display is on when the iPhone is not in use. However, when attention is detected, the display will not slip off. If you prefer for it to turn off when not in use, you can disable the "Always On" setting.

Another useful feature is the "Night Mode" that presents the StandBy in a red tint with low ambient lighting and motion to wake. This filter can be used when you want to use your phone in the dark, as it relieves eye strain.

To enable StandBy, Apple users need to upgrade to iOS 17. The iPhones also need to be connected to power and placed in a horizontal position. Once activated, StandBy presents the user with three main options: photo frame, clock, or date and time information. The photo frame option is particularly interesting, as it automatically scans photos from your device and uses them as a photo frame.

In conclusion, StandBy is a cool feature that can be used to turn your iPhone into a smart, interactive display when it is not in use. It is an exciting feature to experiment with and try out. As always, it is essential to note that enabling StandBy could impact your battery life. Nevertheless, it is worth giving the StandBy feature a trial run to access its full potential.

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