What is STREAMING in CHAI app?

so here is chai app and then they have a new tab which is called streaming so what is that i i don't know actually if i tap here and i tap live uh i see different uh different streams um and then basically it means that i can just watch the chats but i can't chat myself i can just enter some feedback i can send some reactions but i can't participate in the chat so chat streaming is basically means that i just see other other people chatting here um so yeah you can see a number of chats number of messages you can see how many people are watching so it's basically you're just like watching the live chat here so that's the whole idea of streaming in the chai app yeah so that's basically the idea of what streaming means so to discover that you just go to the tab here and then you will see streaming so that's that of course you can just participate yourself in the chat or you can just participate in streaming and watching these chats so that's kind of a new feature i didn't see it before maybe it was before but i didn't notice that and then yeah i guess if you participate in the streaming you're just watching the chats of course you are not spending your messages so it's available for free you don't need to upgrade to premium so you can just watch these chats

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