What is t2 social app? New twitter alternative?

so what is T2 social this is like a quite trending app uh which is doing the rounds on on Twitter because it's considered as one of the alternatives to Twitter so yeah you can just go to this website and then you can just join white list just by filling out like some Google form so just enter your email and just like Twitter account and yeah hopefully you can get on this app soon the design is kind of and even the color scheme is quite similar to post news which is a uh yeah which is another alternative to to Twitter but yeah at the moment it's quite limited but you can see a lot of like a big Tech influencers here on this app from Silicon Valley um I don't know like how it will be different from Twitter or what what it uh what it offers like which is uh which is completely different to Twitter so maybe this is a more like you know like VC app where people are just you know somewhere in each community yeah so yeah something like that anyways during the wait list maybe it will become big

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