What is TABLY APP for Cat Care?

hey everyone so what is doubly app so you can get it on sylvester.ai and this app is right now uh going viral so a lot of publications um i really like featuring it and the idea is super cool that you can keep your cat more healthy so um yeah basically tablet uses ai to actively monitor your cat's health and you can just monitor it and just better understand your cat and uses ai technology trend on the falling grima scale and it can just identify like if you just point this app to the cat how like how the facial features of your cat correspond to his uh her happiness level so yea  so you can see if the cat was recovering good from some disease or how his cat feeling does he enjoy the food does he enjoy this particular company and all of that so that's the idea currently this app is only in beta so to try uh this app you just need to go and sign off with google [Music] and yeah you can just uh use it as a progressive web app meaning so it's only on the web but you can create an account and just add a like a home screen button on ios so that's just a quick preview

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