What is the best FIRST WORD in WORDLE app?

hey everyone so i'm just wondering if there is some ideal first word in wardle so it can get you as far ahead as possible so maybe it just combines the most the biggest amount of wobbles or the best combination of some letters which can like bring you a lot of right guesses because some people are just guessing on cert second third try and might be there is luck but maybe there is some skill like maybe some more professional world players just knows this i don't know this tweak just from the point of the player like what is their first good word or maybe first and second word which you usually start with like you know just for example if i say hello it's not the best one because it has two l's that's uh that's why i'm wasting one word basically um yeah some people are reading twitter they're just using some random words like share or something yeah as i just did here uh but yeah maybe if you have any suggestions for the people who want to become professional wardell players what's a good start so yeah just leave it in the comments below interesting to know

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