What is the difference between bot and person questions in NGL app?

In the world of artificial intelligence and chatbot applications, it can sometimes be difficult for users to distinguish between questions asked by a bot and those posed by a real person. However, a recent video transcript sheds light on how to tell the difference in the NGL app.

The video transcript begins with the explanation that if a question is accompanied by the phrase "who sent this," it is likely from a bot. On the other hand, if it states "is sent with love from team NGL," it can be attributed to a bot as well. The distinction made here is crucial in understanding the origin of the question.

To further illustrate this point, the transcript highlights visual cues within the NGL app. It mentions that when a black "reply" button and the statement "sent with love from team NGL" are present, that indicates a bot-generated question. Conversely, if a red jiggling button and the phrase "who sends" appear, it signifies a question from a real person.

The transcript also explains that tapping on bot-generated questions may prompt users to upgrade to NGL Pro in order to view hints related to the question. This additional information shows that the app offers features specifically tailored to differentiate between bot and person questions.

Furthermore, the transcript provides examples of common bot-generated questions that can easily be mistaken as coming from a real person due to advancements in artificial intelligence. These questions range from innocuous inquiries such as "How tall are you?" and "What's your best friend?" to more complex ones like "What is your biggest regret?" and "Please don't have me on open again."

It is worth noting that these bot-generated questions often include emojis to create a more engaging and conversational user experience.

To further enhance user control, the transcript mentions that the NGL app includes a settings feature accessible through an icon in the top right corner. This allows users to decide whether to keep NGL or messages enabled or disabled according to their preferences.

By understanding these distinguishing characteristics and utilizing the features provided in the NGL app, users can confidently differentiate between questions posed by bots and those coming from real people. This knowledge empowers users to interact effectively and efficiently within the app while enjoying a customized experience tailored to their needs.

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