What is TikTok Account Warning? My experience

so here is tick tock and in case you received account warning um here's how it looks like uh your c account warning probably some of your videos were uh were restricted or something like that probably you violated some of the community guidelines here so you need to double check uh every time uh like the details of that and here in the bottom you can submit an apo you can see the the reason and you can go and read more in detail tik tok community guidelines uh so that's basically how it looks like and yep [Music] so here you will see a notification also like this uh so something around it you will see this pop-up in your account and then you will be able to see the details usually it happens because some of the videos like few videos are uh have these issues but uh sometimes you really need to appeal because uh like maybe you didn't even do like some uh violations or stuff like that it can be some like automated uh algorithm match or something like that so if you didn't have bad intentions and you're sure you didn't do anything wrong make sure to appeal of course if you did some bad stuff then yes there is no excuse your video will be removed and you can face restrictions from the account so that's what it is um uh yeah if you have any other experience with this or yeah just leave comments below

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