What is TikTok NOW tab? Overview

to other one so now when you open tick tock you can see a new tab which is called now so you can go to your home and to the right side of of the Home tab there is a now tab so what is that and this update was released I'm on Tick Tock app so if you just update it you can see it so basically this attempt is kind of like a a new app similar to be real so this is Tick tock's attempt to copy be real which is a top app in the charts in the social networking charts right now and this is Tick tock's way to compete with that so here you can see original be real app be real your friends for real and this app is about like close communication with your close friends it's not about like sharing some viral clips for everyone it's just about that you receive one notification per day and you have two minutes to take a photo use a front and back camera and you can be in some weird position like you can be traveling you can be sitting on your sofa you can watch in TV or at work and you just have two minutes to to share this moment and this moment is shared only with your friends or in Discovery feed but only people who also share their moment can see what uh people are doing so it's kind of very private very sensitive a way to share what you are doing today uh with with your friends and Tick Tock is kind of trying to do that so that's why they have this new tick tock Now app and this app Tick Tock now I think it's available across uh some like European app stores but if you if your Tick Tock account is US buys I think it should be uh in uh in Tick Tock app itself but for other markets uh it should be as a separate app

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