What is TODAY’s LIVEIN in LIVEIN Widget app? Bereal alternative?

hey there so here's live in app sharia moment and this app is going quite viral but they have a recent very interesting update which is called today's live in so probably maybe you heard about be real app which is also very popular these days is a similar concept where you can just basically upload one photo and then one photo per day and you have that possibility and specified time frame and you just need to take any post and that's like an interesting feature so let's just explore how to do that and here you can just do like take life in moment once a day so there you have it um this is basically how it looks like so it's basically similar to be real app and then uh you uh take it with your front camera and automatically with back camera so just remember that here you can just change the privacy of it you can send it to the world you can send it to followers friends only me or send to specific people and then you can just post it so that's very similar to be real app what you can do is be realized since it just basically stole the feature because of which the burial was so so popular and then you can just tap to post in the top right yeah so here that's basically how it works uh hope that is helpful

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