What is Trumpr app?

so what is trumper app so at this moment uh there is a true social app which is developed by trump by tmtg corporation which is in the top chart in the app store but now uh there is this another app which is also in top charts uh yeah and you can see this is the app it's number 65 the social networking you can see some screenshots i think it's kind of like a meme app but it's growing in popularity just like i think sm also i don't know if you should actually develop a story like if you should actually download it so just be careful i don't know anything about the contents uh this is what it says trump or social media imagine chat with friends share a photo comment and post and meet like-minded people it simplifies social media into a compact simple form capture and share moments and stories take friends and pause and develop a following so this is just a description uh a lot of people just say that the app is really broken and there are a lot of meme replies joking but yeah just be careful maybe i don't know you can download it or it can be quite slow because the true social app is also filing and it's also quite buggy so maybe some people just you know say that this app doesn't even work is the bad app so just i don't really recommend to download it or anything but that's yeah that's basically what's trending right now in the app store and hopefully you get the idea of the you know different apps like that which are in the top charts uh so there are different ways to catch you know virality and get the user attention

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