What is Truth Social? How to use?

so what is uh what is true social app so here is how it looks like uh so is the main app developed by trump uh it's kind of his new social media and here's how it looks like of course it's your decision if you want to create an account here uh the main kind of overview and highlight of this app is that it connects a conservative community and like yeah with recent developments um yeah like people are not that satisfied with uh with mainstream social media like facebook or twitter that's why like true social can be in the top charts of social media category of app store but recently elon musk wants to to buy twitter so let's see if that changes something and if the deal is completed and if true social will actually survive and all these users will go to twitter but anyhow for now this is like the growing app uh this is how it looks like you can see your feed it's kind of like a like looks like twitter you can see threads you can see retros it means retweets you can see likes you can see who liked or who retweeted then here you can see three dots and then more settings like mention mute someone block report you can like you can reshare you can comment here you can reply and then apply you can attach attach photos videos and there is like a limit of 500 characters so it's a bigger limit compared to to twitter where you only have like 280 something um so that's uh that's the idea so yeah as you can see it's it's uh looks very similar to twitter then you can just write your message you can compose throughs how it's called here just enter image video and then just write it here um you can follow other accounts here on the app you can see popular truths uh you can see hashtags um then you can see alerts like of the people who followed you or who mentioned you uh so yeah and then there are messages uh and messages are not coming yet new direct messaging experience will be available soon please stay tuned and then yeah so it's uh yeah so this experience should should come or but i've seen this message over a few months so i don't know when it should be there but at the moment it's not possible to send dms or direct messages then you have your profile you have you can block you can mute profiles there are preferences you can change your email enable 2fa then you can change your appearance as you want and if you're not happy with the app you can just delete your account completely so yeah and that that will also delete all your data and stuff like that uh that's then here is your profile you can edit your profile change your name but this is not your username so to change your username probably you need to reach out to through social support you can add your local location add your bio you can add your banner and that's it so that's very basic to reserve your username you can only do it when you create your app and and that's it so now no other way at the moment it's very limited like the the support options and like i think they'll remove the support option button here as well because there were so many requests and all of that like the popular question is also um how to how to get verified because you can see some accounts like check marks here but like you need to reach out to their support so just go to their i don't know either go to their website by the way this app is also not available on the on the on the web recently it was just announced that it's available on the web so so you can go to the website and then you will be able to to reach out to their support or something like that coming soon on play store so here is help center and then from here you will probably can reach out for any support issues um and yeah by the way this app is an open source and um yeah and i think it's based on mastodon open source github project or something like that but yeah the there you have it that's the app uh it's it's you see it's very minimalistic at the moment it's very kind of limited uh but yeah that's the whole point is that it has this community if you want to engage it with it you can join them

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