What is W app - Anonymous Polls? How to use?

W app - Anonymous Polls: How to use?

W app anonymous polls is a new app that allows teenagers to participate in anonymous polls about their classmates. Similar to the popular app called Gas, W app is designed specifically for teenagers and has gained popularity in Europe, particularly in Berlin.

Using W app is simple. Users can sign up with the app and select their school. Once registered, they can start voting in polls related to their classmates. These polls cover a range of topics, from answering silly questions about classmates to expressing preferences and interests. The purpose of these polls is primarily to gather anonymous feedback and insights about individuals.

One of the key features of W app is its privacy. As the name suggests, all responses are anonymous. This means that users can provide their honest opinions without worrying about being identified. However, it's important to note that if someone answers a poll about another individual, that person will receive a notification about it.

To get started with W app, users need to create an account. They can then answer example questions about themselves, such as if they were recruited by Elon Musk. From there, they can select classmates from their school to participate in polls. If a user has fewer than four friends on the app, W app suggests people from their contacts list. It's important to be cautious when answering polls about others, as they will receive a notification if they are mentioned.

In terms of viewing responses, users have different options. Initially, simply sharing a text message and inviting one friend allows them to see the first letter of the name of the person who answered a poll about them. However, to fully unlock responses and see who exactly voted for them, users can subscribe to the gold subscription, which costs seven dollars per week.

Additionally, W app has integration with other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Users can share their own polls on these platforms, expanding the reach of their questions. The app also suggests friends based on mutual interests and connections.

W app offers customization options as well. Users can create their own polls, send voice memos, and share the poll links on Snapchat or Instagram. In the settings, users have the ability to change their school, grade, and gender. If they are not satisfied with the app, they can easily delete their account or log out.

It is unclear if W app is available worldwide or exclusively in the United States. While the app has gained traction with several schools, it is yet to become widely used. It will be interesting to see how W app develops and if more users join the platform.

Overall, W app - Anonymous Polls provides an anonymous and convenient way for teenagers to participate in polls about their classmates. Its focus on privacy and customization makes it an appealing choice for those looking to gather anonymous feedback or simply have fun answering polls.

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