what3words app - how to use? Full overview

hello everyone so here is this app what's rewards um and the idea of this app is that every location is given this specific address so every three meters on the earth instead of just coordinates are defined as some kind of three words so for example if you uh select on the map some like three three meter on three meter you will select you will see like purist pool jazzy or something like that and then that's kind of the way to quickly identify the spots easily and meet up with people in the any location on the planet so to install it just yet just tap cut um and the installation process will start so yeah every 10 foot square has been given a unique combination of three words and what's rewards address you can plan meet up location you can help people find your apartment business or bnb find parking space and so many other use cases so here i just need to select my language here is the app so as you can see here there is uh so i can just tap here and then [Music] i just select a specific address something like that so yeah that's uh that's the idea and then um you i can just search by the street for example i can search street and then i can just switch to satellite view if i want to and then i can see that this is the address and then yeah uh i need to i can save locations so okay let's just try to sign up i usually sign up with apple because it's like pretty fast so yeah there you have it that's how it works um and yeah that's the idea so yeah for example imagine you want to meet up somewhere or something and instead of just like sharing your locations of course you can share your location in via facebook or via some other apps but here you can just like go and say okay we want to meet up here for example you know this harbor near this bridge and and then it's like sake marquee actual and then i can just search for it i can voice search or i can scan so here i can also voice search so for example if i search so this is the address so for example if your friend told you this address this is where it will appear so yeah that's the idea of the app um you can then always share that address and then just yeah navigate with your friends organize meetings meetups so super interesting app so also there is some community here let's see also settings you can change language you can photo you can save original photo you can change distance units map settings map provider you can change it to like google maps or something um and then you can also enable dark mode app link i don't know what that is but there you have it that's that's the app that's how you would use it so yeah use the app enjoy it uh please leave other reviews what do you think about this app is it useful or not and thank you for watching                                                                                                                                                                                          

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