what3words app - how to use? Full overview

so here is viral trending app called what's rewards uh it's available on IOS and Android and uh let's just install it together and go through it how it works um this app also available on Apple watch iMessage iPad so that the concept is very kind of simple but it's very powerful so basically all the maps in the world are divided on these squares and each Square each location has these three words so instead of coordinates you just have this three words and yeah uh and then basically you can use this for meetups so you can use with your favorite apps and then you can just capture these Photo locations and voice entry for fast searching and then just say it's reward address so yeah super interesting idea for meetups and just to make it more fun I don't know how practical that is uh but yeah it works like instead of you know let's meet up near this cafe or something like that uh you just say I want to meet up uh in these three words uh so here's for example which what you can see uh I don't know actually the size of the of the of this square is it like I don't know two two meter two square meters or one square meter or um so here you can see um so yeah for example let's just uh go through some spot let's say in uh uh yeah in Copenhagen so you can see like some famous Tivoli for example and then you will say like okay we want to go to Tivoli and then this spot here will be like last Panic search and then you can just take a photo of that and also uh you can also scan the address you can also use voice search to try three word address so someone is telling you this address and then you can just search for that also you can you can search I don't know what is the possibility of entering randomly some address so yeah you can see that there are already some addresses here uh it's it's not the same word as yeah but it gives you similar results it's a photo mode share a photo share for the super size location by adding what's reward sticker uh so you can see all these features so discovers report address share address you can then navigate to the address uh uh uh yeah so for example if I want to navigate I just tap the button and then I can use a what's reward uh address so yeah then I just need to calibrate it so yeah something like it uh yeah so you can try that you can use that or you can navigate and then just open it up in Google Maps so that that part also is pretty cool so yeah like cool interesting features which you can try out and then you will just see uh yeah like how would you go on the car on the bike or walking um then you can save locations search his voice you can scan share this photo so scan scan this reward address yeah it's kind of you know it adds some of these fun elements so for example if you own a cafe or restaurant and yeah instead of like just writing the street address maybe it's like old school you just you just write the the word address so it's kind of pretty interesting uh so it's a free app so you don't need any uh yeah any payments to to access it and then you can also delete your account or something like that to log out you can log out or yeah if you're concerned about your privacy just delete all your data uh so hope that is helpful and yeah that's a quick overview thank you for watching

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