Whatnot - live video shopping - how to create account & app overview

here's interesting trending app called whatnot live video shopping let's install it and see the preview how it works like how to create an account so it has 7000 ratings but it's starting to get in the top 100 charts in the us app store and this app is about like live shopping like no other go live host an auction or card break now store no problem every purchase is verified collect together and whatnot live video shopping this is a community marketplace where you can buy style go live and geek out his collectors and other like-minded people attend live auctions card breaks and shopping events from top sellers buy verified products pin grails shop thousands of products and collectibles there are like collections of authentic products like fun co-pops pokemon cards sport cars fake beans fun consoles and many more so that's that so let's just open up the app and yeah to create an account you have options using facebook google or apple so just tap on apple and then let's just continue and see if it's yeah usually i just select this apple then i can add my phone number i can skip that i can [Music] uh see some interest i can skip notifications and that's basically then you will see all the upcoming live streams and you can see categories i can see some search i can see streams i can see just my account overview so i can sign up for example if i want to watch that and [Music] so i need to already add payment and shipping info so yeah that's and then you can actually start watching unlimited starting at 15 bucks just like you know some how it looks like and some live shows and live yeah live shopping and all of that so interesting concept so it's very focused on shopping of course there are so many live streaming apps like tick tock twitch youtube obviously but here it's very focused on creating live video shopping auctions and for specific product categories usually it's very like you know card games uh football cards like comics manga nfts so that's that's what you can try out and yeah hope this can be helpful

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