What’s new in Photos in iOS 17.1?

What’s new in Photos in iOS 17.1? With the release of iOS 17.1, there are several exciting updates to the Photos app that will enhance the user experience. In this article, we will explore the new features and improvements that have been introduced.

One of the notable additions is the ability to have albums in the Photos widget. Previously, the widget only displayed randomly selected photos from the library. However, with this update, users can now select and add specific albums to the widget. This feature provides a more personalized and customizable experience, allowing users to showcase their favorite photos effortlessly.

Additionally, there is now support for pet albums. The AI capabilities of the app can automatically identify photos and videos of your furry friends and organize them into a dedicated pet album. This means that all your cat and dog-related media can be easily accessed in one convenient place within the albums tab.

Another improvement is the introduction of pinch-to-crop functionality. Users can now quickly crop, rotate, or flip any photo by simply pinching to zoom and tapping on the crop option. This gesture-based control allows for a more intuitive and efficient editing process, making it easier than ever to perfect your images.

Furthermore, iOS 17.1 offers more customizable memories. Memories in the Photos app are a way to automatically group and display photos and videos based on specific themes or events. With the latest update, users can now order the photos and videos within a memory according to their preference. Furthermore, they can also add any photo from their library to a memory, ensuring that all significant moments are included.

To access these new features, navigate to the library section of the Photos app and explore the albums tab. Here, you can also find your pet's album under the people category. Though the exact steps for adding albums to the widget are not explicitly mentioned in the video transcript, it is an exciting feature to look forward to.

In conclusion, iOS 17.1 introduces some significant updates to the Photos app, enhancing the overall user experience. From customizable widgets and pet albums to improved editing capabilities and customizable memories, there are plenty of reasons to explore and make the most of these new features. Don't hesitate to give them a try and see how they can elevate your photo management and editing workflow.

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