WhatsApp Communities - new feature - what is it? Preview

uh so there is a new feature in development in whatsapp um whatsapp confirms some users have access to its new group discussions feature whatsapp communities so here you can see how some yearly previews of it parents working together to support the city school please join your class group uh or yeah local restaurant and all of that is just an example and this feature is already seems like it's been rolled out to some users in some countries it's a significant attempt to create the popularity of facebook groups within whatsapp so here is just communities will include larger group chats such as support for file sharing 32 person group calls and emoji reactions admin tools and moderation controls among other things whatsapp communities also present a challenge to other messaging apps that have grown in popularity like telegram and the feature could also appeal to appeal to clubs or organizations that today engage in group chats across private platforms so uh yeah so something like that uh whatsapp communities aren't public or discoverable on the platform users have to be invited into community in order to join uh so also there is some yearly preview here i'm not sure uh yeah i'm not sure yeah like when it's available but yeah that's just a preview let's follow these developments

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