WhatsApp Connecting... Error 2021

hey so here's what's up and if you see this message in the top just like scrolling and it says connecting so yeah and if you just try to go to the chat you can't refresh chat so yeah it's not the issue is your internet or your iphone or your android phone is just whatsapp and instagram are down at the moment so yeah that's the problem so at the moment i don't know if there is any solution to this probably you should just wait like few hours of course you can try to reinstall the app to change wi-fi connection to turn off a turn on your phone but not sure it will help you out at the moment it's just like global outage so it is what it is so if you see this like whatsapp connecting three dots that's what happened if you have found solution how to use whatsapp in this situation just leave it in the comments below would be super helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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