hey there so i'm just gonna analyze just have a quick look like what of some of the biggest apps i have on my phone which are consuming quite a lot of storage because i you know i do a lot of app overuse i like usually some popular app i instantly downloaded and create a video around it so i probably have downloaded and used all to top 200 apps in app store in all categories in social media category entertainment photos and videos i think majority of these apps are used so so far you can just have a glimpse just in case you want to know like how much storage roughly you will have so of course depends on the how often do you use the apps and i don't have any games i think i just don't play games a lot on iphone so here you have photos app because obviously i create a lot of photos and videos then i use imovie and then youtube i just watch a lot of youtube i even don't download any videos or anything so you can see app size 217 megabytes but documents and data 1.6 gigabytes then spotify 1.5 gigabyte maybe i downloaded few playlists for like these 50 songs um and then um yeah but yeah i don't download that much but i listen to spotify sync daily almost also on my laptop um and yep telegram i use it sometimes maybe once once per week a few times per month or something like that tick tock what's up so tick tock is less than one gigabyte uh so that's interesting i you watch it few times per week maybe one time per week or something i don't i'm not a tick-tock watcher at this moment but at some point i was like really watching a lot of tick tock what's up twitter facebook just below 500 megabytes prequel app which is like a cartoon effect app uh like kind of uh selfie illustration app 500 audible 400 megabyte binance 395 google maps 393 i used google maps often linkedin um sunroom i have no idea what this app is maybe i just tried it out but split too large so let's just delete that reddit instagram team swiper cache app monobank that's some ukrainian bank netflix daily cam coinbase 223 slack 220 i use like often excuse me app i don't also really need that um some bicycle tinder boost apps more like etoro uh pococha wardle wardle is not the the right wordle so it's just an alternative youtube studio 120 clubhouse 113 google translate 108 books just eat podcasts calm so yeah here you can just see an overview like so there are a bunch of apps you just have around 50 megabytes and yeah so if you have a lot of apps like that i have a tons of apps as you can see stripe 29 megabytes so yeah there you have it hope at least that was a bit helpful for you to have an understanding what's the real size of the apps so like miles 16 17 megabytes because the size which is says in the in the you know app store description when you download is that's that's just uh like you know uh some preliminary uh size because then you have some additional data you have some additional features which are not features as just additional documents and data which consume much more space sometimes so it's just good to have an overview from the real phone so thank you for watching you

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