WHICH TIME is BeReal notification being sent every day?

here is burial app and every day it sends a notification when you need to post a picture uh and you have two minutes to do it the question is like when is this be real notification so as i understand every day it's a different time there is no like app to check it out as there is no schedule or you know like there's some page on their website where you can see so that's the whole idea of the app that is like quite unpredictive and the only thing one you can rely on is just make sure that you have enabled your notifications so here uh you just need to enable this notifications and then make sure that your burial notifications so if you go here in settings and search for be real [Music] that you enable your notifications like that uh time sensitive are always delivered immediately and remain on the lock screen for an hour so that's also important uh thing to enable here so something like that and then because it's very time sensitive uh you have two minutes so it's just important that you enable this and that's the only option to know the burial time today if you have any additional insights feel free to leave comments below

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