Whiteboard - widget messaging - how to create account & use the app?

hello so here is very interesting app which is called whiteboard widget messaging um so yep let's just install it there are a bunch of apps in this category these days where you can just basically install widgets on your home screen and then either send a photo or send this kind of drawing to your friend and then it will just be instantly displayed on their home screen and then here you can just select different people to who you want to send it out so as you can see this app is in top charts and social networking there are just 22 ratings so i think it's pretty uh fresh app and maybe it's even just used by a solo developer and whiteboard lets you write on your friend's widget simply add someone you know as a friend and now you can write on each other's home screen widgets the widget will show the most recent message from all of your friends for up to 24 hours so let's just open it up you can allow notifications and then you can create an account so let's just do that and yeah i'm on iphone so i can just easily create an account with the apple id so here you can see messages you send and received search for other people on the app i send a friend request find people nearby that aren't your friend yet and then view your profile see your friends update your account and so on you can draw you can send emojis at different colors backgrounds and then just tap send so that's basically it and also you need to add a widget to your home screen so just tap and hold until the apps jiggle and then you can just add that so yeah there you have it there are no messages so you can invite friends you can send there is some doodle of the day there is your profile and you can just select a profile picture okay i'll just do that um so there you have it that's your profile and then i just want to search so now to send a message so finally here i can just write this image and then i can just type and then yeah oops i can move it around i guess i can add it okay so i can just add this smiley then uh who would you like to send this message to you can send and select friends and then you can just send it message send but you also need to invite people here so you need to send it to someone to invite just and then they will be able to add you so yep basically to add a widget so for example here i have noted widget which is a similar app and i also tried widget share so i'm just doing all these widget uh reviews now i find it pretty awesome so now i can just add this widget so something like that and that's that would be the widget uh which like basically is my widget but i won't be able to see messages here so my friends need to add this widget and add me as a friend here so yep that's the idea that's how you create an account and how you can start using this app hope that was helpful

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