WhiteFlag app - Mental Health Help - quick preview

here's the app called White Flag mental health help it's it's grown in the charts in social networking categories so it has a size 105 megabytes so yeah there are a lot of similar apps these days and seems this app is one of the best executed and here you can find immediate customized peer support by connecting anonymously with someone who understands your pain white flag is a pure Support app that connects people who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues with others have been there too and finding support doesn't have to be hard this app offers a safe place where you will find acceptance connection and understanding among peers so yeah uh that's basically the idea and it says just you're not alone if you have yes you know some of these issues there always can be people who can help you out and yeah you can just easily create account by answering username your phone number password and yeah then you can just create an account um so yeah that's that's what you can do with the app is not possible to sign in with Google or Facebook or anything but you can try with that

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