whoo - a location sharing app - quick overview & how to create an account?

hello everyone in this video we're gonna go through a location sharing app uh um and uh yeah so we are so happy to finally launch you and our Grace would also also helped us during our test run we set out to make an app that was better than other location sharing apps on the market there are many of them so for example Live 360 like Snapchat map all of these apps but this is just another app in this category so let's just go through it uh user is so I just created and signed up his username and then I need to enter uid or ID so can I so that's my name okay so that's just my name or username that's a bit confusing to be honest so okay seems like this is the username and it's already registered so yeah it's a good idea to to get like a first name handle okay so with a capital letter it's not um so then yeah I can just select my profile icon so I can just go to selfies and select it from here so yeah something like that okay um so yeah that's what you need to do and then basically you created your account that's how it looks like uh then you can just invite people uh tap a friend on the map additional features in future updates and there you have it so now you have like this map which you can share with friends and then you can see who is where you can search Friends you can add friends from here and then just share them the QR code here you can see your friends you can change app icon uh and in France maybe there are some emojis I don't know what that means but yeah that's basically the idea you can easily delete your account here from the app and then you can just message other users yeah so that's basically the idea uh you can see set map options and basically you can see your friends on this map you can see who is where then you can meet up you can see each other and all of that uh yeah this app is probably only available in United States fully and you can just see it there um yeah so that's basically the idea hope it is helpful

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