whoo app - “can’t register due to number of registrations exceeded”

so I'm just going through the woo app reviews on the on Android it finally been released also on Google Play Store and for Android phones but the app is like super buggy yet so a lot of users are writing that count register due to number of registration exceeded please fix it and it's a very common bug here as you can see the reviews are just 1.4 out of five so people telling that uh yeah just a lot of people just can't register the super buggy can't register because the maximum number of registrations per hour has been exceeded so I can't log it and only say it will reset after one hour and can't do nothing uh so yeah um that's the common that's the common things can't register so if you found a way to register on Android because I have iPhone and it works on iPhone so I can open I can register I can create an account on iPhone everything kind of works fine there are some bugs here and there but a lot of fixes are being implemented super fast I think might be the just development team has a bigger priority for the for the IOS app but yeah hopefully they will soon fix all the bags also on Android so if you have the same issue I don't know I can just recommend you to update the app as often as possible and then just probably you'll need to wait week or two to to wait for some fixes because definitely there are a lot of bugs but as design the app is being shut down so there are a lot of Alternatives and these developer team is just probably working super hard to to find some hand kind of solution uh so yeah if you if you found the solution and now you can register please comment below this video

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