whoo app - location sharing - quick overview

let's go together through this interesting app woo allocation sharing app it's climbing in charts in social networking category uh yeah and it's it's an interesting product uh there are so many location sharing apps out there like you can maybe say Live 360 Snapchat maps all of this it's a very popular social feature actually but still like there is there are new apps trying to solve that and I climbed in the top chart so it seems there is a lot of opportunity in this area um so we are we set out to make an app that was better than other location sharing apps on the market there are many of them out there yet we felt that they're all like that uh certain something but why is that the the answer is simple they aren't any fun they look the same and offer the same standard location sharing features with different from other apps we believe it's important to have fun and so you we have packed a lot of fun into Wu but who isn't just a fun app it's also a Sleek easy to use an addictive and we are sure you will agree so let's just open up the app like how it looks like you can easily create your account but I think the app works uh the best just from United States it's it's still rolling out the creative world but there are some still bugs here and there so here you have uh basically uh the uh your map and then you can see where your friends are and all of that you can just zoom in into your navigation where you currently working in the city or something like that then you can just tap plus to add friends uh yeah you can add friends like like that uh just by sharing your QR code to other people or you can uh let's show your ID or you can add by QR code or scan with image or you can share share the link I guess even in other apps so for example this is how it might look like um so yeah just people will be able to add you just by using this invitation slash user slash Andre so yeah that's basically the idea and then uh yeah here uh so then you have uh how many times uh who times watched how many friends you have you can add friends you can change app icon uh uh yeah and then then you just have your edit profile I don't know what's the difference between username and blue ID but yeah when you create your account just supposed to add the username at Yahoo ID maybe do it now because there aren't that many users and if the the app will blow up you will have a nice username the app is yeah it's just been being developed into real time and seems It's kind of it has some Chinese Roots but yeah there you have it but still it's uh it's climbing the top charts in U.S uh if you want to reach out you can contact their support on Instagram here you can log out and you can easily delete account so in case you're not sure about what happens to your data and uh yeah like you just want to delete your account so yeah you can just easily do it here so if you delete your account all of your boot data include your registration detailed history friends and chats it'll be deleted and will be unable to be recorded if you plan to stop using the woo temporarily we recommend you to log out instead so that's what you can do here and yeah this is just like a fun app to use some features are still coming soon it's it's not it's not yet there but and it's not yet available in Europe if you're in Europe or outside of us it's it's not working that well and but for example yeah in US you will be able to see who is where and who is uh doing what like where are your friends are hanging out maybe you can just join them or hang out with them together uh yeah so stuff like that which you can see so yeah that's basically the idea hope you like it that's the app I really hope it develops and becomes really huge app so yeah that's about it

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