whoo app - quick & easy overview

has our hearswool app a location sharing app and it's designed the alternative one of the top alternative for Stanley app then the app is shutting down on February 3rd and a lot of people just looking for alternative of course you can just use a snap map but if you want to have a separate app consider using this this one uh it's still like in the development phase uh there are a lot of features which should be added here but yeah here's how it looks like you just create your account and then you just share in your location and then you can just see that yeah your friends where they are located and all of that you just tap plus and then you can search and add friends there are unlimited friends which you can add you can go to someone um um and that's basically the idea uh just see where is someone or stuff like that then you can just message your friends um then there is your menu you can see uh that uh France watch you like three times for example today that you have two friends you can add friends from here you can change app icon then they just pushed a new feature which is like a ghost mode where you can see check if you're if you wanted your friends see you in the precise location or maybe you want them to see you in the Blurred location so for example I'll just move some of my friends to the blurk location and also there is like a frozen location uh uh we'll see your last location friends we'll see your last location prior to being frozen and no longer receive location updates and people will be notified if you set them to this ghost mode so that's that and then there are settings you can edit your profile change username yd um there is some development schedule but this is I don't know users like Chinese or Japanese have no idea and then yeah you can easily delete account in in woo app here all of your wood data including your registration details history friends and chats will be deleted will be unable to be recovered so you can just log out you can always reach out to their support and yeah that's the idea uh you can also share your QR code like this so people can find you and add you easily on who app and that's basically how it works so kind of very simplified app a simplified version of zenly app but it's a good start it has nice wipe there are there were a bunch of apps which which try to be an alternative for Stanley right now but I think this is one of the top apps you should try out of course there is like Live 360 but it's much more advanced and it doesn't have this like zenly Vibe uh also um there is of course Snapchat map um but yeah so try out this app

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