whoo app - what is it? Zenly alternative

what is woo app this app is quickly growing the charts and the social media in the App Store and basically this is like a Snapchat map so you just add your friends and then you can see who is located where either in real time or PayPal in that place some time ago and yeah you can just add friends here from all around the world or add in your close friends then you can see your own location you can invite friends like this just by sharing your QR code um then you can see how many people how many of your friends when you add like at least like five ten friends how many of them checked out your location how many friends you have uh and also then you can just enable ghost mode meaning if you don't want everyone anyone like to see exactly where you are in precise location you can enable blurred location or you can enable Frozen location for your friends to see and then your friends can also do the same for you but it just adds a bit more privacy uh and then yeah here again you can just see your own location and then you can just message your friends and you can change map overview and that's basically it that's the idea that you just hang out with your friends and then you know where is everyone in the real time on the map uh yeah something similar which you can see in Snapchat map or which you can see in zenly app so hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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