whoo app - ZENLY ALTERNATIVE - how to use?

hey there so what is woo app allocation sharing app it keeps growing in top charts and this app is kind of like an alternative to zenly or live 360. and maybe like a Snapchat map app if you're bored of snatched chat map so that's basically the the app you should try out uh yeah so there you have it so you can just open it up and then just create an account and that's it works similar to Snapchat map you just see your friends on the map where they're located uh in current time or they were located in that place if it before or something like that um yeah so you have your friends on the map and then you can just for example you can go go there and then you can just chat send messages like that um so yeah then you can add friends here uh uh you can search for friends and then you can for example uh just know their username or anything like that there is no limitations of how many friends you can add you can also just scan and generate your QR code so like something like this here so that's your who ID and you can you feel free to add me as well and then uh yeah you can just generate show QR code or yeah something like that so you can add friends like this and then you can just see who is doing what um you can tap on your profile where you can where you are traveling or where you are going uh where you're right now in the city you can change the terrain of the city currently this app has more users in United States but it's catching up in Europe it's getting more popularity um and then yeah for example you can tap on the smiley icon in bottom right and that's where you have all the settings I must say that this app is developing quite rapidly there are new features being added in like in real time and then you can see who times watched like nobody watched you to die so meaning who clicked on your profile and tried to discover where you are in the map then you can see your friends uh their friends list how many friends you have you can add friends from here you can also change app icon then you just see your location then you can discover what is Ghost mode select some friends to change what they can see so this is like a a bit uh privacy feature uh on in other apps like life's 360 app it's called bubbles uh and yeah this is you can change how private you want to be your friends can see your precise location uh and then just they will see in real time where you're going and how are you navigating through the city or uh yeah then there is an option with a blurred location friends set to blurt we'll see a real-time location but in general vicinity of where you are just it'd be a bit blurred and France will know that you set up blur dedication to them and then there is like frozen location friends set to Frozen we'll see our last location prior to being frozen and we'll no longer receive location updates so that's what you have here and then there is setting um yeah where you can see uh whose support page you can edit your profile you can change your username and blue ID you can change profile picture as well however I don't know what's the difference between void and username then you can tag them and then you can also delete the account if you delete your account all of your wood data including your registration detailed history friends and chats will be deleted and will be unavailable to be recovered if you plan to stop using Vu temporarily we recommend you log out instead and then in the bottom you can just follow them on Twitter or Instagram there is also like uh development schedule I guess this is like a Chinese app or so but it's it's getting more popular in Europe and United States however maybe because this kind of Chinese might be you should be actually quite careful with sharing a lot of data and all of that but let's see how it develops uh so yeah then you can just go to someone profile and then you can just you know message someone you can send emojis uh there are more emojis coming soon um so this is just basically an overview how it might look like and yeah so there you have it uh that's basically the app as I see it um you can message your friends you can see who is where and then you just populate list of your friends and then you can just hang out together maybe you want to go for a beer together or you want to go partying and you just see who in the bar of course yeah this app can go far like because when you actually see who is located where maybe it's too much into someone's privacy but of course you can just fix that with the ghost mode but anyhow interesting app so give it a try it's it's one of the alternatives to zenly app or to Snapchat map or Live 360 however I think Lex 360 is more like a serious app where you really want to see locations of your kids or colleagues of close friends well here you just easy to hang out with friends hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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