whoo - location sharing app - quick overview

hello everyone here is interesting app called wool location sharing app so let's just install it and see why it's climbing in the top charts so this concept is not new you know like Snapchat Maps or like Live 360 app like bunch of apps where you can just share your location with your friends with your family uh we and this helps us here we set out to make an app that was better than other location sharing apps on the market there are many of them out there as I said but yet we found that that all likes the certain assumption but why is that there aren't any fun they look the same they offer the same standard location sharing features who is different from other apps we believe it's important to have fun so yeah let's just explore it and this app really is climbing into the top charts okay so it says who is currently under maintenance we'll be back soon so please wait a little longer uh so yeah probably there is some issue maybe because it's under the top charts and now this app is it's not really available so interesting anyhow let's let's uh look after it

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