Why Add Friend button not showing up on Facebook app?

so when I went to like Facebook profile of some of the person I was just like wondering why there is no at front bottom and I'm just going through this guide because I thought we never were friends but then there is there is no add friend button and then there is just a message button so why is that happening seems there is some kind of privacy settings um and there can be yeah so as you can see here's an example there is just like a follow button there is a machine messenger button where you can actually message that person but there is missing out front button meaning that you can message that person but your message will be in some kind of message requests and the person might never see that so why is that happening so the user restricted their privacy settings so here you can see friend requests who can send you friend requests friends or friends so basically yeah user can do it I don't think it's a default setting but uh yeah uh some people a lot of people these guys probably do it on Facebook just to have a bit more privacy and who can assign you friend requests everyone or friends or friends um so uh this setting is enabled by default everyone is enabled by default on the other hand if you change that into friends of friends only mutual friends cannot just a friend on Facebook uh so yeah uh your friend request is denied is another reason so if someone requires denied your friend request already then the button will not show up for a while meaning like if you just wait out maybe some period some I don't know which period of time few weeks few days or a few months then this button might reappear if this is the case also if they Mark your friend request as a spam uh and then this is irreversible and then according to multiple sources you will need to wait for a year so yeah in this article yeah you can just follow chain.org visit website and you can see that yeah uh most common solution to that just try to add a mutual friend of that person or just wait it out so yeah either try adding one of your friends on Facebook and then you should be able to see add front button or just you need to wait because maybe you sound already friend request before and I denied it you don't know about it and then that's what happened and then you need to wait for like few weeks or months or if they Mark your friend request as spam then sorry you need to wait at least a year and then I'm not sure if it will help you out as well so yeah that's basically it um there is no need to contact Facebook support for assistance I didn't know all of this I was just Googling but just in case it is helpful thank you for watching

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