Why Discovery feed disappeared in BeReal?

If you are a user of the Beryl app and you have noticed that the Discovery feed has disappeared, you might be wondering what happened to it. Well, don't worry, I'm here to explain. The reason behind the disappearance of the Discovery feed in Beryl is simple - there is no more global feed for discovering content. Instead, Beryl has introduced a new feed where you can only discover friends of your friends.

With this new update, the focus is on making Beryl a more social platform. Your Beryl activity will now be visible to your friends of friends, allowing you to connect and share with a larger network. Of course, if you prefer to keep your sharing settings more private, you have the freedom to change them at any time.

The concept behind this change is that Beryl believes it's more interesting for you to see what someone you have a mutual connection with is doing, rather than having a generic global feed. Rather than scrolling through updates from people you have no real connection to, Beryl wants to facilitate meaningful interactions by showing you what your friends and their friends are sharing.

Essentially, the Discovery feed has been replaced by a more personalized feed that prioritizes social connections. This is all part of Beryl's effort to enhance the user experience and provide a more engaging platform.

So, if you were wondering about the disappearance of the Discovery feed in Beryl, now you know. The change is a result of Beryl's revamped algorithm, which aims to make the app more social and allow users to connect and engage with people they have a genuine connection with.

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