why is my burial only visible to me that's the question a lot of users ask especially new ones so if you're possible let's just do some quick perio what happens by default your settings here it says my friends only it means that your bureau will only be seen by your friends and if you have like two friends only like two people and you will see your burial if you have no friends your burial only will be visible to you so that's that so when you're posting your burial it's super important to tap discovery and that's the place where your burial will be available in discovery feed so there you have it that's that's how it works so yeah um that's the idea so i hope you understood why your bureau is only visible to you just important to change this privacy setting select your audience if you selected my friends only in the beginning and posted it's not possible to change visibility to be to discover anymore so that's that but if you select a discovery and it's shared with everyone then it can be visible to everyone and you can change it later to be visible to friends

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