Why is Reddit icon PIXELATED?

so you can see here that the reddit uh app icon got pixelated why is that happening uh so basically this is like an april fool's joke from from reddit to bring some attention and also to promote this subreddit which is called r slash place or place subreddit uh this is the place where togetherness creates more uh you can just create all these like pixelated images in this app just you know by filling out all these images like with pixels and uh yeah so that's basically how it works and these users of this subreddit as i understood they just created this new subreddit icon that's a reddit icon and when it automatically updated now it appears on your screen so that's that's the idea um yeah and it will stay like that until april 5th so yeah um and then it will return back to normal so i think that's what's happening so don't worry it's not like some kind of bug it's not like a scam or something like that so it's just the april fool's joke from from reddit so enjoy

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