Why NewProfilePic Editor app IS NOT SAFE? Why you should remove it

hey everyone so after doing some further research on this app is it safe or legit to use seems actually it's not that safe to use this app i wouldn't recommend you to install it uh yeah sorry i made like a few videos before so sorry for that uh but i was just like a bit concerned like is it is this app safe to use or not so the main idea is that uh you just download this app you don't even need to create an account anything so and then you just give access to your all your camera library and then you select your selfie or take a photo and then you can edit this photo to a selfie and everything is super minimalistic you don't need to to do some additional uh you know things everything is super simple you can understand everything you don't need an account and then you can just contact their support team but seems that this app actually has some links to some like russian lab or something like that and [Music] uh it's it's not that safe so these are the the some rumors that um yeah you can if you give uh give data to this app it can be used in some other purposes so i wouldn't recommend actually to use it or download you can read their privacy policy and all of that but also it seems a bit sketchy that this app is out of nowhere in number one charts and uh like the reviews are actually like super positive because people are using it to to create to create uh you know like uh ai images and it can do that job but you should always check out some apps which like you know which out of nowhere become number one and they have our too much like positive reviews and then you just give access to your personal photos so yeah at this moment i would advise you to use some other app actually

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