Why you CAN’t REVEAL who answered a poll in GAS app?

so here is Gaza and in some Flames if you open up you can see in the bottom this button see who sent it in in other flames you are not able to see that so here is another just a screenshot that you can see that there is no button see who sent it in the bottom and you can't reveal someone why why is that so also in that case you will see this ghost icon in the top right and if you tap on that ghost icon you will see something like this this ball cannot be revealed the sender used god mode to send it anonymously so meaning the sender who answered this ball has a god mode already and God mode provides 100 anonymity so the person who enters this polls can't be revealed even if you yourself have uh god mode uh yeah you won't be able to reveal them so that's why you you don't see who sent it button also of course maybe just this God mode is not available for you because it's in beta and it's not available for all users but then you can just go to inbox and you should be able to see this black button uh if you have god mode that's great but then if you don't see it in specific plan meaning that person just has got mod and using anonymity mode

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