Why you should update NOW to iOS 14 8?

okay so i just found this news that like if you own apple product you should update it now uh seems there is some like a vulnerability hack from some uh israeli and is an s or group pegasus which is something like spyware um and so group is israeli spyware company which can infect all apple products like iphone mac watch just with the click so i don't know like where it should be clicked or something but um it's called zero click infection methods picassos can turn on the users [Music] uh yeah camera microphone record messages text emails calls even though sends via encrypted messaging phone apps like signal don't know about whatsapp and send them back to nso's clients so yeah that's that um so yeah if you are on the iphone right now just try to go to your settings and update your software to the latest version i don't know like if you can update to ios 14 or [Music] on which devices you can actually update to so let's just look i think um yeah i asked 14 8 i think that um ios 15 is not yet available so ios14i has been released for all ios 13 compatible devices so if you can install ios 13 you should be uh able to install it iphone 6x and newer uh and the seventh generation ipod touch and later um so yeah just upgrade to that and there you have it um so yeah hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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