Widgetable app DOESN'T WORK, BUGGY what you can do?

here is viral vegetable app a lot of people are really enjoying it with the new ios 16 lock screens this is one of the best apps to add and customize your lock screen and add all these amazing widgets with cool designs and all of that but there is also a grain of salt as you can see the average ratings are not that many ratings so far but average writing is just 3.2 out of five and actually a lot of people say that this app just doesn't work and it's pretty buggy and glitchy app doesn't work it's fun to play around and create the videos but once you try to edit your lock screens they can't be found my phone is updated and i've restarted multiple times don't waste your time good in theory but when i try to add digital to my lock screen none of the options are showing up so it was a pointless download yeah it doesn't show up on my iphone 11 it's not showing up at all on my lock screen so it seems like on even on a bit like older iphones i'm not talking iphone 8 i'm talking like iphone 11 10 um yeah some there are some glitches so yeah there are some also even if the lock screen widgets are showing up there are some glitches within these widgets [Music] but the main bug here is that it won't even give me the option to add anything to lock screen and i won't even show up individuals i can use i tried restarting my phone rather than learning that the app didn't help so as you can see it didn't help and it's quite frustrating not finding widgets on lock screen doesn't work please provide so what you can do is just you can reach out by joining discord group in the app so that's what you can try to do to sort it out join their discord group and then maybe there is some support uh agent or some person i don't know maybe it's this app is just developed by seeing a single developer but there you have it so from here you can just join their discord and then you can see and then just join this support chat and then there you have it um try to go to the chart so there you have it and then in top so here you will need to verify yourself then you need to accept rules then there is general uh and that's that's the main channel um where you can see that so here you can go to help section uh and yeah so that's that's what you can do from here [Music] so yeah uh hope that is helpful and that's that

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