Widgetable app error - Please upgrade to iOS16

so when you are using a vegetable app and try to install lock screen widgets and tap on the widget it says please upgrade to iOS 16 or hard to use lock screen widgets I know so what does it mean like for people who are not in that topic so basically lock screen will be just is a new feature available only after you upgrade your iPhone on iOS 16. so this was just like a feature developed specifically for iOS 16 and presented at this like Apple event it's not available on iOS 15 it's no so to be eligible you need to have at least iPhone 8 and further um so just make sure to update but notice if you have iPhone 8 or iPhone 9 it's like a bit older iPhone like either like and if you have not that much storage all these updates can occupy a lot of your storage and actually this is some of these updates on quite all iPhones can become a bit glitchy this is just in my experience but maybe it will become better in time so just be careful if you really really want that and yeah lock screen we just allow you to have you just not only on your home screen as as it is possible after iOS 14 but also on your lock screen so basically even if your phone is locked you can see some animations you can see some things update in real time you can open apps even without like unlocking your screen of course I think you will still I still don't understand exactly how that works in that but basically it just gives you a bit more time and yeah you don't need to do some so many actions so that's basically that hope it is helpful

Unable to Install iOS 16 Update - E...
Unable to Install iOS 16 Update - Easy Fix
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