Widgetable app how it works? Full overview

the other one here's vegetable app so it's a really cool app it's in the top charts uh one of the main things why it is in the top charts it's uh uh yeah because it has all these lock screen widgets it has amazing collection of luxury widgets uh why are you can upgrade and see all these lock screen widgets um so yeah that's basically the idea um you can install them here but of course you need to have IOS 16 so you can install iOS 16 if you have iPhone 8 or later lock screen if you just were introduced yeah exactly after iOS 16 just literally a few weeks ago basically the idea is green you can you can post uh add these videos to your lock screen and you can customize it and you can make it much more interactive and for example you can add some Mar like distance to your friends you can add your number of steps you can add some icons and text uh widgets you can add some app shortcuts like you can tap and WhatsApp someone tap and open Instagram uh some bar widgets where they are a bit longer and all of that so to do that just tap and then uh of course you need to have IOS 16 and then you will add these widgets to mine and then what you need to do is just basically uh tap and hold on the uh on the lock screen then you will need to tap customize button at the bottom then tap the widget area uh either about the time about the clock or below the clock it just depends uh there are rectangle videos there are bar widgets which are about the time rectangular widgets are below the clock and then you just basically select uh choose the size of the video type or drag it and then you select this widget and add it to your lock screen and then yeah so there you have it so that's how it works so again uh and here also you can use vegetable just to install normal home screen widgets to your device so not just uh uh just a lock screen widgets you can also install home screen widgets so that's basically the idea that's how it works so here you can see that like some app shortcut status and mood I miss you we just front distance icon and texture some random icon attacks I guess which you can customize and just links to all your apps so for example if you want to open Apple music or Spotify you don't need to you know just go to your screen and open Spotify app like unlock your screen uh with files ID or touch ID and then just yeah um open your app and stuff like that you can just do it instantly from the lock screen so that's pretty handy and that's pretty cool so yeah you can try that it's pretty amazing app vegetable it's in the top charts right now so definitely recommend you to use it try it out uh definitely uh yeah it's as you can see you don't need even to upgrade uh and then if of course if you want to upgrade you can do that you will just have Limitless videos customize so we just unlock all features and yeah that's basically it um so that's that's the idea hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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