here's vegetable lock screen widget app which is soaring in the top charts right now as everyone wants to install lock screen widgets so to install it on iPhone just tap get and then you just need to use your face ID or touch ID to install it on on your iPhone and there you have it's a free app you don't need to pay for installing this app but if you want to have access to all the videos in the app you will need to upgrade in the app so there you have it and then you can just tap to open it and there you have it here is the lock screen widget app where you can install all this um all these widgets install gifs you can install icon and text distance status uh yeah like icons and Tech shortcuts contacts and all of that these are all lock screen widgets this is the main feature so to install these widgets what you do you just go to your lock screen tap and hold and then you will see customize button in the bottom then you select the area where then yeah you can just then search for vegetable or app you select which widget you want to install which you saved before and then you just drag that widget either about your clock or like below your clock or something like that and then you can just install that so yeah hope that is helpful um thank you for watching that's the app you can also go here to vegetable Pro you can upgrade for one month 3.99 or one year 1999. um so here you can just see that um then there is some installation tutorial long press on any empty space on your home screen but yeah okay this is just for the home screen widgets so there you have it and then you have explore so here you can also see that so yeah this is the app hope it was helpful

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