Widgetable PETS - how to use? New updates!

Introducing Widgetable PETS - the latest updates and how to use them!

Widgetable PETS is an app that has gained immense popularity due to its top feature - Visible Pads. These pads have propelled the app to the top charts on the App Store, and now, they are also available on Android. With its exciting features and constant updates, Widgetable PETS offers a unique and engaging user experience.

So, what exactly are Visible Pads and how do you use them? It's quite simple! When you open the app, you will see a collection of pads. To get started, you need to hatch an egg by tapping the "go hatch an egg" option. Watch as the egg hatches right before your eyes, giving birth to a brand new pad. If you're in a hurry, you even have the option to speed up the process.

Once you have your pads, you can filter them to organize your collection. Keep in mind that the design of this section of the app is continuously evolving, so it may look different from the time you view this video. One of the most exciting features of these pads is the ability to co-parent them. By tapping on the first tab on the left, you can invite a friend to join you in co-parenting a pad. The pad will then travel between your screens, allowing you to send messages and interact with each other. This virtual pad grows alongside you and your friend, creating a unique bond.

Taking care of your pad is crucial. There are three essential tasks: feeding it, taking it to the bathroom, and giving it drinks. To ensure proper growth, pay attention to the pad's levels in the top left corner. Rather than randomly giving it food, tap on the information icon to understand how to take care of your pad effectively. Certain foods and actions earn you different points, which help your pad level up and unlock new skills. Remember, feeding your pad excessively will only waste points, so aim for a maximum of 100 XP per day.

Your pad will often express its needs, such as hunger, and suggest specific foods you should feed it. Make sure to give it what it wants, as feeding it items it doesn't desire won't be effective. While the app offers the option to purchase food, exercise patience and utilize the shop feature, where you can obtain a pad package every three hours. Watching ads also grants you additional food. However, keep in mind that buying food can become costly, with items like an apple priced at one dollar.

Apart from food and drinks, Widgetable PETS offers additional features to enhance your experience. You can enable music for your pad, but please note that this option is exclusively available through the Vegetable Premium subscription. You can also customize your pad's name, background, and notifications. Should you wish to terminate a co-parenting relationship, you have the option to do so in the app. There are also history logs and a chat feature, although the chat option is limited in the free version.

Widgetable PETS truly comes alive when you integrate it as a widget on your home screen or lock screen. This feature allows for quick access and interaction with your pad. You can toggle the sound, change settings, and even enable pad seating, where your pad takes care of itself. The pad seating feature can be unlocked by subscribing or reaching level five.

While the app offers a range of features for free, Vegetable Premium unlocks several additional functionalities. With all the food and customization options, it may be worth considering the upgrade. The yearly subscription is reasonably priced at $20, and there is also a lifetime option available for $50.

In conclusion, Widgetable PETS is an app that has expanded from being solely a widget app to include the captivating Visible Pads feature. Perfect for those who enjoy interactive experiences, particularly with friends or partners, this app has gained a devoted following, especially among teenagers. If you're someone who enjoys widgets and wants to add a fun and engaging element to your mobile device, don't hesitate to give Widgetable PETS a try.

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