WidgetMoji from BeReal app - what is it? How to use?

what is widget moji from the real app so that's basically a new feature which went viral where you can add a widget from burial app and uh yeah if you just press and hold any icon on your home screen click the plus in the top left and select be real to add it to your home screen you'll be able to add a widget similar to url locket widget or viral noted widget so you will just be able to add that and then um uh yep then you just have this widget and you can keep your friends all day with you and uh the idea of the be real air for people who don't know that you can you need to send one photo every day uh two minutes and one notification sent to everyone like every day and this app to just capture your moment what you're doing and your job is just to submit for what you're doing and this widget with widget mode g widget you can just add this widget to your home screen similar to locket widget and this photo will be available in your home feed so something like that so basically yeah something like noted widget but you can just tap and hold on older iphone the plus icon is in the top right not top left and then you can just tap to add time to be real to add this widget module and add widget hope that is helpful

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