WidgetPal app - can’t login/create account - what to do?

i'm just going here through the widget pal app and a lot of people recently write reviews that they can't even create an account can't sign in can't login um try to put their phone number but still doesn't work and then the just internal server error popups when trying to input the phone number um just so skip saying internal internal service error please fix this so for my cousin network and she has a newer phone please save which phone you need to sign in internal error and these are quite recent reviews so for me this app worked pretty okay i have iphone 7 on ios so it's pretty old phone so i don't know what can be an issue but a lot of people want to try it out and yeah of course it's annoying for so many maybe just try to reach out to app support here contact them and send a message about internal server error maybe there is some nuance about which exact ios you need to have or which iphone model or maybe you need to be on a fast internet or something like that

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