WidgetPal app - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR - what to do?

so here is a widget pal app and some users are just complaining that there is constantly internal server error uh don't some people i don't get this app doesn't work because when you start your mic your account it asks you to enter your phone number but as soon as you do it tells you internal server error um so that's that all my friends are having the same problem it doesn't go away either i've been waiting for a while and a lot of people are reporting this that it has some kind of like server error and when you try to create an account or sign up so that's a bit of an issue with jitbal app um so uh yeah and i seen this add-on tick-tock and so that it would be cool when i tried putting my phone number it said internal server error but it worked perfectly fine for my friend i wonder if it's because our phones are different models their phone is newer model and mine is about three years old if that's the case at least give us a warning about it sounded like a good concept until you can't sign it so maybe there is like some issue if you have like very old phone it might not work however i was able to create an account without no issues on iphone 7 so it's already pretty old so i don't know what can be an issue there you can always try to reach out to app support i like that

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