WidgetPal app - Internal Server issue - trying to create an account

hello everyone last overview of widget pile app uh which is one of the top uh widget apps right now right now so uh yeah i just installed it recently and i want to check it out how it compares to [Music] to lock it widget or any other app so here is the app basically this is how it looks like i also want to show you in the app store um some yeah as you can see there are so many apps in this category so here is the app widget file widget for friends you can get it for free and it's in top charts in social networking um and yeah and it has some extensive features uh compared to locket widget which just focuses on sending images this app also you can send drawings and text and you can add stickers um and it's pretty cool app so some people like noted some people like locket other people like live in there are a bunch of these new widget apps it's kind of a whole widget revolution so that's that so once you install the widget following these in guided instructions your widget file is immediately ready to receive photos from the assigned members of that specific widget when a friend sends a picture will be able to respond to them directly with either a photo or text reply its private intimate and might with you in mind you can also travel back in history by viewing the previous photo stand to each widget there are no limits how many widgets you can have on your home screen not any restrictions number of people you can have in the group the phone is limitless so that's that so on overall this is a visual app that you can use to send photos drawings and notes to your friends and load ones so anyways let's just go through it so here is the app i already created my account um so yeah you can change your profile picture change your full name i think you can easily you can easily sign up here or maybe okay curious how you can sign out and just for the sake of this demo let's just create an account again together to see if everything works because okay so seems not everything is working actually uh so you see this issue okay and you can only sign up with the with the phone number so you could see this error so let's let's just try to sign up with some other number nope not this one so there is there is still a bug here i thought this park is gone but it is clearly here so maybe it's because there are so many users um so yeah unfortunately that's that so i can't create an account here and that's that's the issue um so i don't know like what else can be done here maybe just try to delete the app and reinstall it okay let's just delete it from the app library so i'm just going through here delete the app delete it and now just so you can see guys you can install it maybe that can help so maybe you can also try to reinstall it and see if it works for you so i created an account earlier and it was working but now seems that there is really an issue and you can see in a lot of reviews here below that people are like yeah it's a cool app but there is intern internal server error in the app uh so now let's try again nope okay so there is clearly a bug and you can't sign up at this moment so that's a bit of a bummer and you can't also use an email or like sign in with apple or stuff like that so yeah i don't know what you can do you can always reach out to their support maybe it's just better to wait until they update the app meanwhile you can always try to use like live in or locket widget or some other apps

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