WIDGETSDUDE APP - full overview & how to use

and also heroes which is dude app uh which you can discover and which is due to provide plan plenty of features charger animation and wallpapers for users to personalize their home screen like never before making videos has never been this easier and enjoyable with switches dude you can only take a few seconds to choose from a large number of widgets it's more than widgets uh so yeah this is just like uh free to use app however I need to say that there are a lot of ads but yeah it's still interesting app to to install widgets on your phone and make your phone much more customizable recently there was like an iOS 16 update and I'm just not sure uh uh yeah if there are a lot of videos here so far ahead I explored and seems though there aren't lock widgets here um so yeah um here's a wide choice of features that we have calendar analog clock quotes for today calendar with events reminders uh so yeah let's just quickly go through to show you how it looks like so here's which is dude home screen uh then there is also you can enable some VPN here so there's additional feature and then you have all these widgets there are small there are middle and the other large widgets uh so yeah you can see all the types of widgets clocks calendar special days system panel notes so for example let's start from this let's start from just from adding some clock widget uh yeah as you can see there are a lot of ads but yeah and then here you can just in change this background and then you can just save it and the process is similar to all of other types of widgets you can not only add widgets here you can also add wallpapers in this app so there you have it and then you can just scroll to the other part of your home screen tap and hold apps will start to jiggle and then you can just search for uh business dude and then something like this and then I just want to edit widget and then I just have clock widget like this and then that there you have it now this widget is installed for some reason it's called here widgets tool where the app is called widgets dude so that creates a bit of a confusion but that's what it is and then we just continue to app so that's basically how it works then you have also charging part uh we just you can create like a charging wallpaper here I mean that's how it will look like you just decide charging wallpaper is just like wallpaper which will be on your lock screen but it will just show like charging animations and then you have also wallpapers so if you like this wallpaper you can just tap download to Gallery then go through a Settings app and install this is as a new wallpaper on your phone so that's basically that as you can see there are different size of widgets small middle large and then you can just select this hope and then there are my widgets you can have small middle large so yeah I hope this is helpful uh thank you for watching

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