Widgetsdude app - how to add widgets & how to use?

here is interesting app which is called features dude so let's just tap on it this app helps you to design your own widgets and create some personalized mode on your home screen or some other screen with all the widgets after ios 14 on iphones it's now possible to add widgets different kinds of you know like widgets and this feature was previously available all around android phones but finally it came to ios and now yeah you can really customize your screens you can add you know some unique like weather clock widgets there are also some mega popular apps right now like locket widget noted widget be real like some vinyl md vinyl music playing widgets and all of that people don't want to go into the app open the app open the menu tap something else you know when you just can have everything on your screen with one tab so it just saves you so much time actually if you're using the app a lot like you you can have have some for example spotify widget or something like that and instantly place on just from your home screen no need to log into the app every time and even if it's like additional two seconds why do you need to spend it on some app or yeah it's just speeds up your phone experience so yeah that's just an intro and here is the which is dude app i just want to check it out here's a discovery i'm ready you can and then you have all these widgets so this is like a ult mega app for all the widgets special day system panel node uh you can have middle widgets you can have large widgets you can have charging widgets or you can have wallpaper or charging screen and then friends you can also add some friends and okay so let's just try to see if it will work so i just tap and hold i tap plus icon in top part and then i want to search for widgets tool and then i just want to add the widget like that and then i tap and hold edit widget and then i will be able to uh select some of the widgets or okay maybe that's not the right one sorry because it's now it's the right one but i just need to create my videos first because the app is called which says dude but you need to search in the widget by widgets tool so here i need to add a widget and then i just want to add a small clock and there are ads again but what you can do that's so i just add in the clock widget here i can customize colors and everything and then i see another app so now widget has been saved to widgets so now you can we can try again without this step

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