Widgetshare - share widgets with friends - FULL APP OVERVIEW

hello so let's explore this app which is called widget share so let's just install it on iphone uh the size is just 39 megabytes so you can just use your face id or touch id to install so this app is kind of similar to locket widget app or noted drawing app for couples where you can uh yeah make your home screen special and add just these widgets and send photos to your partner or to your friend so yeah you can now install widgets on iphone or ipad but i think it requires at least ios 13 which is already pretty old ios but still you need to install it and then you just will be able to install this widget share widgets and yeah send photos to your friends and these photos will appear instantly on the widget so now you just need to add a new widget so create new widget so we just one i don't know i never use this app take a picture with the camera add image from your gallery so then i can just give access to my camera here is this i can just use the photo and then i can just send shares this widget id with your friends so this is the widget id i can copy i can share i can just do that but now let's just try to so here is noted widget and now let's just add widget share so there you have it now you have three types three sizes of widgets i just want to add this one and then uh yeah there you have it added widget i can see so here is the widget i can add this widget and now i have this photo displayed here so as you can see this is basically the idea and then if i have this widget i can again update this widget and then yeah so your friends can just add it so again if i do another photo for example and i use that and then i just tap send these photos should be updated on the widget but of course your friends should have that so now as you can see this photo is now updated i'm just not sure how to exactly add this widget so if i want to add friends widget and there you have it then i just need to have widget name or widget id and then basically that's works so yeah i'll just go to my widget this widget and widget id i copied i share it to my friends they add a friend's widget and then they will be able to to see your pictures so there you have it here you can see also some overview how to share widget create a new widget on the my screen click the plus button then create new widget on the videos described it you will begin the widget id send a widget id to your front your friend should add the widget id to their app on the main screen click the plus button then add friends widget you can now both send pictures to the same widget every widget has a unique 20 character sequence called widget ids the widget id allows the widgets to be shared between devices anyone who adds the widget id to their app can see and send pictures to the widget so to add a widget to your home screen just long press on your home screen on android click the widgets button on ios click the plus icon in the top left so that's cool because this app is really available on android and on iphone because locket widget or noted drawing app for couples they are only available on app store on ios and not on android a notification must be enabled to send your widgets real-time updates without notification you must open the app to refresh your widgets on ios battery up to my delay widget updates uh try keeping the app open in the background so yeah if you have a new notification then you just go there and it will update the widget i guess or something like that because yeah if you have uh if you're in a battery saving mode as i am right now on ios then it might delay the background widget update or something like that so that that can be an issue the history saves your 40 most recent images for you to look back at you can also reorder your widget list uh the main screen also displays a list of your widget you can delete a widget uh deleting widget only removes the id from your device other users will still be able to add it to you and share the widget anyone who has the widget id can see the widget you should not share images with shared information so this is very extensive um yeah extensive knowledge base so you can basically see all of that here is my history i can delete some of the photos from the history that's good i don't know if by deleting the photo uh it will also be removed just from from that from from the app completely and again i can just create a new widget edit a name and then just uh get photos from the from the gallery or from the camera so it's kind of like a competitor to locate widget app but in rocket widget app you can only send photos from the camera you can't give access to camera roll or to upload images so in this app you can really upload images from gallery which is super cool also there is another app if you are if you like this concept which is called noted yeah just yeah so one of the apps to try in this space is locket widget which you can see is number three in social networking so it's the same concept where you can just send this live images to each other and then other app is called noted noted drawing app for couples so the main difference is that noted app is just you draw notes so you can't upload images you can take pictures so you just draw something like this you can just draw a good morning and send to your partner or to your colleague or something like that and then there is this app which is called widget share where you can upload photos or tag photos so these are three options if you want to surprise your friend or your partner your loved one someone from your family you can try to use these apps so that's the idea you can also just share the the photo uh just by typing here i don't know why the delete icon doesn't work for me also i just want to download the photo it also it doesn't work sometimes but yeah as you can see the design is super clean it's very that's how it works then there is the widget i can also again just tap to delete the widget and delete widgets this will remove the videos from your device so if you think you shared some scented information or you don't want anyone to have access to this widget then yeah you can just delete this because basically right now anyone who has this id can add this widget and you can see this picture so i just created just for the demo for this video so overall this is the idea the super interesting app and definitely you need to try it out to uh yeah to yeah to surprise your friends to have more fun and again it's available on android as well so that's a cool feature because they are what to do if your friend has android phone and you're using iphone then like for example lock it widget or note it widget won't be working but this widget will work also widget share it has um like three widget sizes as you can see there is a small widget uh medium and large so that's already pretty cool so you can have a picture of your friend going through the whole screen so also like lock it we just noted also don't have that at this moment and the other cool feature of fidget share because you can create just one widget and then you can say like okay i want to this specific run to copy this widget id and other friend i want to have another widget so this way you can send different pictures to different friends while in locket widgets there was an issue you couldn't you were not able to send different pictures to different people now it is solved but it was an issue for a while while in widget share you can just create a separate widget like for example you can say this like for friend jack or anything and then just create this widget and then send only pictures here then you can create other videos like friend jan or anything and then send specific pictures to that um and that that's much better than you know sending the same pictures to everyone so that's already so you can kind of by creating different widgets you create different groups of friends so i think this app is actually pretty advanced maybe on the first it for me it doesn't feel that you know intuitive with this widget it's a kind of of course it's super simple to use but feels a bit more like technical or so like in lock it widget you can just go and just send the widget and create so for example this is how locate widget app looks like also you have an account there and all of that in wheelchair you don't even need to create an account or like to add your friends or anything like that so here's just it is so maybe all it also applies for widget share that you can instantly just start sharing the widgets without to create an account and spend your time on that so other than that uh that's it hope you enjoyed this quick preview i really like the app i think it has a great potential so definitely give a try and surprise your friends

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